Chez Denis à François


2 dinning rooms of 14 and 40 places
every night from 17h to 21h
from may to october.

Good alcools and wines sélection
Fresh local products
Better to reserve

Asparagus pastry

With local cheese "Pied-de-Vent"

Scalops with Pernod

Serve on a blinis with ginger, fresh cheese and balsamic reduction

Braised seal

With sweet onions


Crab verrine

Serve with avocado salsa and fresh cheese

Buttered scallops

Serve with sweet potatoe and grilled vegetables

Sea food pot pie

Lobster, scallops and shrimps in a pie, serve with garden salad and marinade

Rack of lamb

Serve with onion jam, sweet potato and grilled vegetables


Lobster, scallops, shrimps, halibut and mussels in a fish broth

Young local beef

Serve with mushrooms sauce, home-maid fries and grilled vegetables

Sea food paella

Bomba rice with safran, lobster, scallops, shrimps, mussels,

chiken and chorizo


Home-maid pasta

Mushrooms sauce, truffle, parmesan and arugula

Pizza (9")

Vegetables, all dressed

or sea food